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FLEXI Diamond

£900.00 £600.00

Zero Due FLEXI packages are the best solution for all one-off jobs, small or even complex tasks you may need with no recurring schedule and with small budgets: you can pay one single hour just when you need to or pre-pay your hour deposit in advance and use them only when you need our help for single or more complex tasks.

With FLEXI DIAMOND you buy a package of 30 FLEXI COINS (hours) at discounted price: £20/hr (vs £30/hr)

One FLEXI COIN corresponds to 1 hour of our work, either if we work in a team or we provide a dedicated specialist for the task(s) you need.

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By using a single or multiple FLEXI COINS you can:

  • benefit of any web design service to fix or manage your website, paying just the time we work and keeping track of the process
  • custom development for your website (Magento, Prestashop, WordPress, …): fix issues, customization of modules/themes, improve the speed and security of your website, fix the mobile version and portability, …
  • benefit of any bespoke graphic design job for printing (business cards, flyers, banners…), menus, catalogs, logos, your social media channels
  • edit/retouch images for your website/eCommerce or any graphic retouch required
  • setup/manage any newsletter campaign
  • training on how to setup your newsletter campaigns and manage your social media channels
  • setup/manage your social media accounts and/or PPC campaigns
  • setup of Magento/Wordpress or any commercial CMS for you
  • setup your domain/hosting and email setup for you
  • training on how to use your website, WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop: best practices and modules
  • Setup/manage/inspect the SEO of your site for it to rank well on the mayor search engines (Google, Yahoo, Aol, …)
  • SEO training: basic white hat practices and tricks for your website
  • setup/manage AdWords campaigns/Social Media campaigns to maximize your business visibility
  • design your custom eBay template or optimize your listings
  • setup of the Amazon Channels (UK/EU, USA/CA/MX, (and Now JAPAN TOO!!), and/or Ebay Channels, with all the range of products, listed with as many variations as possible and the best quality achievable (any other e-commerce channel is available, but ask us for more information).
  • check on the specific market to enhance the visibility of the listings and making a product-related marketing research on the Country to see what will sell better.
  • training in the while of the staff (remote sessions, only ), with the Amazon Managing tactics and tricks, plus the necessary know-how for the right customer service to offer job.
  • Linnworks-Linnlive training and setup (that DO NOT include macros creation for the client (they have to be billed as normal hours or on a different agreement)).
  • Translation in Italian-French-German-Spanish-Portuguese-Japanese (and more available in the future, just ask!) for any document/presentation/web page

You Are in Control

You always know what’s going on and can stop/change direction at any time. We discuss with you in advance, keep track and inform you of any progress in the simplest way and sharing our reports with you online at any time. We alert you in case we reach a certain amount of hours you may not want to exceed. At the end of each month we send you a report of the completed tasks/time involved and your balance if you have pending hours.

Terms & Conditions

The hours are NOT refundable, when you buy the hours from us you must have previously planned the tasks with us to be sure the amount of hours is not exceeding the amount of job.

For smaller tasks we deduct just the time we work (however, as we involve our team of experts for any single task and to guarantee professional results, for our and your security the minimum amount of time is 30 mins.)

You can use your hours at any time you need or prefer. However if you purchased a package, you will have 9 months (starting after the purchase (invoice date will rule)) to use your hours,  after that the hours will be lost with no chance of recovery (exception can be decided from case to case).