Google has added a new feature to its Search page: You can now find out more about every search result by clicking on the page name next to the actual link.

The full search result name is either blue or purple, depending on whether you’ve visited it or not. Below it is the green link name, and next to it is the grey name of the page, which displays a short paragraph about the page in question.

Google search for Mashable


A new feature on Google Search lets you see additional info about a search result before you click.

Not all pages will have this description; Google says it will only show up when a site is widely recognized as notable online, when there is enough info to show or when the content might be especially interesting to you.

The info comes from the Knowledge Graph, Google’s knowledge base that improves the company’s search engine using semantic search information from a large number of sources. Google hopes to introduce more website descriptions as it expands the Knowledge Graph; if you have suggestions on how to improve the service, you can post them here.