Are you looking for an email signature that is effective in other ways?

If you are, then there is a great idea for you that you really need to consider. For example, why not create a “green email?” If you’re wondering what this is, it is an email that contains a disclaimer in the email signature that talks about ways you can use your email to save the environment. In other words, this is a “green email signature.”

A green email signature can be quite creative. For example, you can create a signature disclaimer that asks if you really need to print that email. A lot of people will print their emails so that they can refer back to them. Instead, you can talk about the benefits to the environment by not printing the email because it uses paper and paper uses trees.

You can use such lines as:

  • “If you print this message, you’re killing trees!”
  • “Printing this message means one more tree must die.”
  • “File this email in an email folder and save a tree.”
  • “Think before you print and save a tree.”

You can get quite creative with it and have a rather cool signature hanging out at the bottom of your email. You would be quite amazed at how having a green email signature can make a difference in the environment. You can even add a neat button that says, “If this message kept you from printing this email, click here.”

But how do you get these neat green email signatures?

Well, you can create your own, but that could be a little complicated. Instead, you can use a Firefox extension such as WiseStamp,, to use their tools to create yourself an effective and very green email signature. You can create multiple signatures for AOL Mail, Hotmail, yahoo, and Gmail. This can be a lot of fun because you know you are doing something great to help the environment.

It is very important for individuals to know that they don’t have to print out their emails. If you convince 20 people per day to not print their emails, that’s 400 people per week and at least 400 sheets of paper not used. The less paper that is used, the lower the demand for paper. When the paper demand goes down, the paper factories create less paper. This means less trees have to be harvested. It is one very interesting chain reaction that you can start just by having a green email signature in the emails that you send.

It is very easy to see the magnitude of making such a small move. Every little bit will help and every little bit can have an influence.