responsive design, zero due designIn the last few years, mobile visitors’ numbers as well as conversion figures to sites has increased dramatically. Over 70 per cent of people in the UK have a smart phone meaning the potential for mobile sites is extremely high and constantly increasing too.

Responsive design can have a notably positive impact on your website and blog and can increase customer satisfaction levels no end. So, let’s take a look at how this can happen and how incorporating responsive web design can be of benefit to businesses large and small.

Responsive Design

The first thing we need to do is define what responsive design is. In essence, it allows your site to be properly formatted for the viewer’s device. The importance is unquestionable. According to Google around 60 per cent of mobile visitors who click on a non-mobile site will return to the SERPs to look for a mobile or responsive alternative.

Ease of Use

One of the best ways to increase the user experience of anything on the web is simply to make things less effort.

So, as regards responsive design this means creating a site that’s extremely easy to navigate and doesn’t involve zooming in and out and means a quick scroll is all that’s required. Almost four out of five Google users want to find what they’re looking for in two clicks or less.

Consequently, if a mobile user comes to your site and needs to zoom in and out, squint and scroll left and right – you’re in trouble. They’ll most likely just find an alternative site with a better optimized layout.

Well laid out sites that allow users to make purchases easily and quickly limit problems in this regard. People want to be able to navigate quickly and if they can conversions will be higher.

On the Move

If you’re the sort of business with a brand or business that’s seen by passers-by or people on the move, then ensuring you’ve an optimized site is important. We know from our experience at Fusewave that people on the go often see something or other and decide to check it out online.

By having an optimized site in this case you greatly enhance the chances of people engaging with the service. A well optimized site allows them to find what they need, provides a better experience and impacts very positively on your business.

Multiple Displays and One Edit

The other amazing thing about the responsive design is that it allows you to cater for any screen size or shape with just one edit. Responsive sites allow you to update your site on a wide range of different devices but there’s essentially only one site. This saves you time and money and makes the concept of separate sites obsolete and is a notable benefit for any business that wants to make the most of mobile visitors to their sites.

Responsive sites are an extremely beneficial addition and increasingly so. A responsive theme works with conversion rates, user experience and creates a positive reputation for your business.