The navigation in the header section of a Magento store usually lists the top-level categories from the catalog.

If as many other designers and webmasters you’ve gone crazy in the attempt to add an external link to the top menu navigation in Magento, this is a useful and quick method I tried myself after spending hours and hours browsing online, loosing my eye sight browsing files after files on the Magento files via ftp, fighting and changing lines after lines in the code.

Worry no more, try this. I guarantee it worked for me and it is very simple.

  1. Log in to your Magento Admin Panel and navigate to CMS -> Static Blocksexternal links magento
  2. Click on Top Menu Block or similar sort of name that you have used to display all the top navigation elementsmagento top menu blocks
  3. Add the name of your new link say Blog
  4. Click on to Save Block and you are done

In my particular case I noticed I had a block with the identifier “pt_menu_links”. Probably it has been included from an addon plugin or part of the template I’m using. If you see the same good. If not, do not panic and try to open any other block that can be related to top navigation menu links.

external links magento zero due

At this point you can open and edit that block, adding the link you want inside it or create a new block with that identifier and put inside the new link you wanted to add.


This quick method really saved me a lot of time after I’ve become a bit frustrated with the solutions I’ve been trying online. Hope it will done the job for you too! And if it does, share and let’s help other poor designers!