A beautiful city with much to offer the sightseeing traveller, London is one of the most traveller-friendly tourist destinations in the UK. Visitors to this vibrant city not only have the chance to learn about the history of London but will also be able to get a taste of the local culture, which is very much alive in the capital. Whether you travel in search of amazing attractions, sumptuous cuisine or breathtaking architecture, this colorful city promises a world of discoveries which will leave you awe-struck. No matter how old you are or what your interests may be, London with its unique allure manages to attract thousands of visitors.

Located in the  Alexandra  Park,  Alexandra   Palace  is one of the most popular recreation centres in London. This massive exhibition and convention centre plays host to some of the city’s most famous events. Although this venue is quite popular today and has managed to win the hearts of the locals as the preferred location for the most significant events to be held in London, the palace has a somewhat tragic history behind it. Approximately two weeks after the construction project of the building was completed in 1873 and was given the name ‘The People’s Palace’, the building caught fire and was destroyed, much to the disappointment of the locals.

Keen to restore the building as soon as possible, the governing authorities of London made arrangements for the venue to be rebuilt. The new structure was then opened in 1875, which is now home to the magnificent Willis Organ, one of the oldest and most powerful organs in the city. As time passed by, the palace was used for various different purposes, which vary from radio and television broadcasting to international exhibitions and product launches.

The Ice Rink at the palace is a much-favoured recreational spot where hundreds of locals visit especially on weekends. Visitors to London should definitely not miss out on an opportunity to catch a show at this venue as some of the exhibitions and conventions which are featured here are quite unusual and fascinating to say the least. The 10th British Invention, Innovation and Technology Show, The Knitting and Stitching Show and The Big Rubber Stamp and Scrapbook Show are but a few of the events which are to be held at the  Alexandra   Palace  in the year of 2010.