A dog costume for Halloween? Yep, Halloween isn’t just for your two legged kids anymore. Halloween is becoming big business for dogs of every size. However, besides the adorablility factor of your pet in a monster costume or a hot dog costume, you have to get a good fit as well.

Many Halloween dog costumes come with size charts so carefully measure your mutt’s neck, girth (the area behind the front legs, and length from the base of the neck to the beginning of the tail). Dog Halloween costumes are no fun and more than a bit frustrating if the costume falls off, gets caught or ripped because it is too big or too small. There is also a large variety of costumes for big dogs, so they too can participate in this fun event!

The dog costume market is growing every year with a wider variety of styles and themes in which to choose. New styles this year include a Knight, a Fairy Princess, a lion, and so much more. The best thing about these costumes is that they can be worn year after year. Many of which also can be used as pajamas, pajamas for dogs? Oh yes indeedy.

Now that you have a perfectly fitting adorable costume for Rover, you are ready to rsvp to the new trend of dog costume parties or just a walk in the neighborhood during All Hallows Eve. Dog costume parties are safe for pets and usually serve some tailwagging goodies too. If your are planning to take your dressed up dog out on Halloween, make sure they are comfortable with little two legged munchkins running around in wild costumes. If your pooch is the least bit skiddish, it will be kinder to leave them in a safe place at home.

So you want a Halloween costume for your pet? Be mindful about online shipping dates. You don’t want to receive your pet’s costume after Halloween. While you are online, check out pet costume contests! Pet costume contests are a lot of fun and may win your four legged boo or ghoul some tail wagging prizes!