While planning for corporate events like trade fairs, conventions, and business meetings, a key task is identifying the equipment you require. If you need the newest models, renting computers is certainly a more practical substitute for an expensive purchase, especially if your requirement is a temporary or infrequent one. The fact is that computers and allied equipment rentals for business events are becoming increasingly popular with organizations both big and small as this is seen to be cost effective. However, there are certain aspects to look out for when going in for a computer equipment rental.

Checklist prior to the event

  • Consult event organizers about the number of participants anticipated at the event. Ensure you have placed a rental order for enough computers, as well as a few extra for attendees who register at the last-minute.
  • Discuss the kind of computers required with those who will be doing the presentations. For example, what is the operating system required? Must custom software be loaded in the machines prior to the event? What is the display size which would be ideal for participants or the audience? Is hardware such as a modem, WiFi access, USB ports and so forth required? Is enhanced graphic capability required for presenting video?
  • In case you require customized software applications but the rental company is unable to supply it, ask for a test computer beforehand so that your staff can install it on a trial run. When the number of units rented is small, you could ask for an early delivery at the venue so that the software could be loaded ahead of the event.
  • Synchronize arrangements and give enough notice to the computer rental firm so that they can provide the items in good time for easy set up at the venue.
  • While renting computers, determine what kind of insurance is available short term to cover theft, damage and loss. Discuss the security aspects at the venue with the event manager. Will they do the needful or must you make separate arrangements?

Checklist for receiving the equipment

  • Match each item delivered to the packing note. Be sure not to sign for an item you have not received.
  • Before the event begins, boot and run the computers to check if they are operating properly and are according to the specifications you requested.

Checklist during the event

  • Ask the computer rental firm if they can give you reserve computers in case any of the main ones fail. It may also be prudent to check if they can provide additional machines at short notice.
  • Arrange to have a technician standing by at the event. The person could be either from your organization or from the rental firm and should be prepared to tackle any technical hitches. Also maintain a record of the rental firm’s phone support number just in case you require help at a pinch.

While renting computers is now a simple affair, be sure that your personnel use the rented machines carefully though it is the rental firm that bears the responsibility for maintenance and repairs.

It is wise to bear these aspects in mind while renting computers for any corporate event. Above all, remember to rent equipment only from an experienced and reputable computer rental company that provides excellent quality technical support.