Online sales are growing and so as SEO is growing too. Search engine optimisation is now became main business with website development. As Without SEO web site is not that important. People will not visit website until it comes in to search engine results.

Thus SEO Services are important now. There are various kind of SEO services are available and It depends on business owner what and how they want to choose. Large Internet marketing firm also outsources some of the work to small or reseller SEO Company. So, sometime it is good to find root of service provide to save on SEO cost.

Google has made changes in search engines in 2011, Similarly Facebook is now showing Bing results. These all are new things to look upon. There is some more effect like Google map listings.

It is good to inquire about these all things with SEO service Provider Company and draw a better SEO campaign. Most of the trend would be on local geographical SEO. Also it seems social media optimisation will impact a lot on search engines.

For Local SEO following things will do the trick.

  • Local Directory Submission
  • Classified Submission
  • Social Bookmarking Submission
  • Guaranteed Article Submission
  • Business Profile submission
  • Local Reviews
  • Local Press Release submission
  • RSS syndication
  • Hcard format for Address and hrview for review

These are some mix link building process which will help in this new trend of search results. And It would be better if you find a good SEO service provider company with proper SEO packages which includes these all services.