Are you busy trying to start your internet business and finding the list of tasks you have selected to do far exceeds the time you have in any given day or week? I’ll bet there’s not a single internet marketer out there who hasn’t found himself in this position. So… what to do? The easiest way to solve this problem is to determine which jobs you don’t enjoy or can be done less expensively by someone else, then find a person that you can outsource these jobs to. Selecting an outsourcing partner can be a very difficult, not to mention time-consuming task. There are numerous outsourcing companies available and waiting for your job offer and narrowing down the list can sometimes eat up a big chunk of your time. To make this job easier, here are 5 tips that will help you select an outsourcing partner.

1. Does the outsourcing partner have experience with similar projects? or a record of accomplishment? Find out what projects the outsourcing person or company has handled before or are currently handling. Can you see who they have worked for, what kinds of projects they have done, and some real examples of their work? It is also going to help you narrow down your list if you find out that the person or firm has completed projects similar to yours.

2. Can you identify the outsourcing partner’s business aims? Your company has its business goals and directions. It is worthwhile finding out what the outsource company’s business aims are as well. Having an alignment in both companies’ aims will give you an idea on how the project will turn out.

3. Will the outsourcing partner provide references from other firms that have hired their services? Being able to contact other employers gives you the peace of mind that the outsourced workers fulfilled their contract well and in a timely manner. Get feedback from them and make an assessment as to how long the project took them to fulfill or if they are able to deliver within your time requirements.

4. Does the outsourcing partner agree to your terms and conditions? Transparency between you and the outsourcing company will help both parties work harmoniously. You should document how long the project is going to run, when you expect it to be finished, and how many people will be involved in ensuring that the project will finish on time. Payment terms should also be clear when signing off the documents.

5. Can you build a long term relationship with the potential outsourcing partner? Do not select an outsourcing partner based solely on how long they have been in business. Initially, you may want to select two or more potential partners, give them the same job, and then decide which one you want to continue working with.