There are a million people who used smartphone to access internet. There is an explosive growth of mobile users. The chances of higher ranking, of your website are more, if your business website is mobile friendly.

Follow these simple tips to be sure you don’t miss any hit!

1. Make Your Website Simple: Simplicity is an important factor to make mobile friendly website. When a mobile friendly website is overloaded and heavy, it means your website can’t operate on mobile phone easily. Even that overloaded data or content is also not good for desktop website. So, just use informative and appropriate information.

2. Keep Content Short And Readable: Do not add extra things or too much text into mobile sites. Too much content or text make problem while user access website on his mobile phone. Maybe it can take much time to operate. Try to write your story in fewer words. If you add sign up page on mobile website, just add two important things, email and password. Too many videos and images can hang the website.

3. Avoid Using Flash: Maximum mobile phone device do not support adobe flash player. So, make sure you don’t add flash based any text or video in mobile friendly website.

4. Keep Loading Speed Fast: It is not necessary that a user always uses Wi-Fi to access Internet on their mobile phone. Heavy videos can not be downloaded easily and maybe it makes your website clunky and too slow. In short, don’t put heavy videos in mobile site.

5. Right Font Size And Button Size: Font size and button size both are different for desktop website and mobile website. These both are most important for your website whether it is operated on desktop or mobile. But remember, for mobile friendly website do not use too large and too small font size which can not be readable. For mobile website the font size should be minimum 14px.

6. High Resolution Images: High resolution play an important role on your website. It is important for mobile responsive website. Blurry images can make your mobile website clunky.

7. Use YouTube: If you have videos related to your business and you want to upload these videos on mobile website. YouTube is the best solution to view these videos. Because all mobile phones are already YouTube responsive. Your video can play on it very well. Add YouTube feature in your mobile site.

8. Testing: After completing your mobile friendly website, never forget to test your mobile website. Test your website multiple times on one device. After that test it on different mobile devices including iPhone, Android, Window and other tablets.