When it comes to  web  site  design   tips , there are many that can be used by  web  designers. Creating the best page is a serious challenge for even an experienced  web  site  design  company. This is because of the great competition in this field and hundreds of pages online all of which vie for attention. The question is how your  web   design  company can make a difference.

You can start by creating a website with a distinct design. The design must not be similar to the other websites if it is to create an impact.

As a web designer, you must avoid things such as too many animations and illustrations, java text scrolling, page counters, flashing images, fade ins and black grounds.

The design must not only be trendy but must communicate to the readers what is intended in a crisp and clear way. You can also make use of original illustrations instead of downloaded ones.

Slowing down of pages can be avoided by avoiding graphics and heavy files. Also when compared to JPEG files, GIF is better.

When designing a website you must think of the subject addressed along with the tastes of the target audience. The product created must be exclusive and different.

Care must be taken to avoid download plug-ins. While Flash is nice to work with users must also be provided with the HTML alternative.

The pages must be designed in such a way that they do not exceed 50K.

It is better if the site is designed in such a way that horizontal scrolling can be avoided by the visitor. Also a single web page must not have over three screens.

The web pages must open completely and quickly and must open with several browsers. You can get feedback from several users regarding the site functionality. This can help you understand about mistakes if any in  web   designing .

The design can be made complicated through the use of backgrounds with patterns of geometric shapes. This must be avoided. You must also use frames in such a way that the pages can be bookmarked easily.

Various aspects pertaining to creative design must be studied and used properly to get the maximum advantage. Links if any should be made to work properly. Page content must be limited. The design must be able to flow continuously and SEO must be given importance. It is also better to make use of innovative titles and fonts and maintain archives. The pages and site must be interactive in a user friendly way.

A  web   design  company must keep the aforesaid factors in mind while providing  web   design  services. The main principles of design include proportion, rhythm, balance, unity and dominance.